Turn dreams into reality 

What is Goal Mapping?

I was surrouded by people who enjoyed setting short and long term goals but I had a very hard time applying the methods they were using. I spent a lot of time and money searching for a goal system that suited me.

2007 I fell in love with Goal Mapping and specially the science behind positive thinking and the structure of the system, working with both the right and left brain. I am analytical by nature and I used to admire my spouses intuition and his ability to create and see the big picture.

Goal Mapping is a simple system for success – yet it is so extremely powerful that since 1995 it has reached more than 4 million people. It has helped people achieve success relating to wealth, health, career, education, sport, weight-loss and enything else they dream of.

You can create a Goal Map for anything you wish. It might be about a career change, sporting endeavour or shift in lifestyle. It might be about finding love, happiness and fulfilment. Whether your dream is something fundamental or simply something fun you should contact me and give Goal Mapping a go!

"Brian is one of the best at helping people create a world-class blueprint for their life  – not just goals but sustainable success. His mapping systems are a blast and really effective."  Anthony Robbins

The Workshop

You can choose from half or whole day Goal Mapping Workshops to help you learn to steer the changes in life towards the direction of your desires. It's also a great way to get started and to learn about Goal mapping with a group of like-minded people or your coworkers.

The diverse and dynamic day involves lecture sessions, skills practice, interactive work and the use of a fully illustrated Goal Mapping workbook. All are geared to helping you get going with Goal Mapping, the master skill for success in all areas of life.

Online Coaching

Goal Mapping Coaches worldwide have started to use the new online website provided by the author of Goal Mapping, Brian Mayne. This gives me an opportunity to Coach anyone I know anywhere in the world, and it gives you an opportunity to be coached when and where it suits you best.

Please contact me if you would like to try online coaching

Dora Magnusdottir


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