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Hi! I'm Dóra

I consider myself your everyday woman, I am a daughter, sister, wife,

mother, grandmother, friend and a very happy entrepreneur.

Over two decades ago I went from being broke, busy and uncertain of what to do with my life, to being independent, doing exactly what I love while at the same time building a beautiful lifestyle for my family.

My journey started at a crossroad, a familiar crossroad to so many,

the kids growing and in school and your family in desperate need of a second income.

We all know that change is inevitable. Some fear change and avoid facing it, as I certainly know, while others embrace change and find new opportunities to grow and prosper.

So here I am today, a very happy entrepreneur.

I love all I do and enjoy the diverseness and flexibility.

My passion today is to help others in a similar situations to create a successful work life balance and grow into their best self.


With commitment and guidance, I know that you can create a beautiful lifestyle.


If you are willing to invest your time now to build a better future for you and your family then I am willing to investing my time, knowledge and skills to help you.


Thanks for submitting!

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